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New BIODERMA sunscreen application method: 
Only the right amount of sunscreen gives you true photoprotection

Based on dermatological recommendations, we created a simple and easy method for always applying the right amount of sunscreen to all areas of the body, to be sure that you always get true photoprotection.

Depending on how big or little you are, you need different amounts. Based on your height and weight,

1Find your dose on our chart below.

2Apply the number of sprays or doses to each area of the body.

3. Spread evenly everywhere. Don’t forget your face, hands and feet!

4. Reapply every two hours, or after bathing or physical activity.

Less than the right quantity of sunscreen reduces the quality of protection

Applying sunscreen is nothing new. We have all more or less internalised that photoprotection is necessary when we’re outside. We’ve all applied it and watched others apply it, and we all think we’re doing it the right way.

Not enough sunscreen

However, dermatologists are the first to say that we simply don’t apply enough sunscreen1. We spread some on lightly, on most parts of the body, and skip off to our activities. It’s estimated that we’re only getting half of the protection factor that is indicated on the bottle2. In other words, when we apply an SPF50+ sunscreen, we’re only getting SPF25 protection.


1 Diffey, B.L. Has the sun protection factor had its day? BMJ 2000; 320: 176-177.

2 Faurschou A. and Wulf H.C. The relation between sun protection factor and amount of sunscreen applied in vivo. British Journal of Dermatology April 2007, 156(4): 716-9.

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A false sense of security

Even worse, we give ourselves a false sense of security about being out in the sun. We unwittingly make the risk of sunburn in the short term and skin damage in the long term much greater. And no one likes getting burned and peeling skin, or imagining themselves with lined, pigmented and wrinkled skin. Or even thinking about developing skin cancer.


More sunscreen required

To properly protect ourselves from sun exposure, we need to be sure that we’ve thoroughly applied the right quantity of sunscreen on all areas of the body. This is the only way to benefit from the full effect of its protective filters.

Bioderma - get true SPF50 protection

BIODERMA'S new and easy method to apply sunscreen

The right amount to get the real sun protection factor (SPF)

Tests have shown that to achieve the right level of protection, the amount of sunscreen that needs to be applied is 2 mg per square centimetre of skin. Based on dermatological recommendations, Bioderma has transformed this abstract idea into an easy application method. This way you always apply the right amount of sunscreen to all areas of the body and on all family members.


From toddlers to Dads, everyone knows exactly how much to apply and where. There are small areas (arms, chest, stomach) and large areas (back, legs) of the body. Depending on each person’s height and weight, each area gets a certain number of sprays of sunscreen, or doses the size of a €1 coin. Spray, spread, and be safe in the sun!


The tables below summarise our new application method : 

50/50 for using BIODERMA’s simple sunscreen application method

Bioderma - photoderm method adults

Photoderm MAX Lait Famille SPF50+ 

We have two products that the whole family can share. The Lait Famille has a silky texture and each dose is the size of a €1 coin.

Bioderma - photoderm method adults spray

Photoderm MAX Spray SPF50+


The Spray format, available in 200ml and 400ml sizes, it’s easy to count the sprays to apply your sunscreen.


Dot the doses and sprays all over your body to help you spread them evenly. Like so many pillars supporting a canopy, they are all there to keep the sun out. Most of all, the whole family will be perfectly, truly protected.

Bioderma - photoderm method kids

Photoderm KID Spray SPF50+

Adapted to children’s tender skin, our KID Spray is the product they will reach for when you make a game out of applying sunscreen. Practice counting, or turn the kids into ladybugs with sunscreen dots they need to rub in. The application table is custom-made for their size.